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Ah meow!

Welcome to my website that is dedicated to all things Kiwi.

Thanks for your interest in the Kiwi Series and I hope you’re enjoying the adventures.

Feel free to leave comments on the site – the more, the merrier!

In the Catnip section, there’s a chance to get your pet featured in a forthcoming story.

Happy reading and, if you’re writing, good luck with that too – never give up! 🙂



Words from Kiwi…

My name is Kiwi and I’m a cat. I’m about four in your years, a bit on the small size, black and fluffy. But I make up for my small size with brains and bravery. I live with Amy and James, and their parents in the human world. At night time I like to visit my other home, the blue-lit Cat City, where the streets are paved with blue and white mosaics of cats, and the sun shines a bright orange. My favourite catizens are Inspector Furrball, Kip and Siam.

If I tell you a secret, do you promise not to tell? I’m magical! You might notice a faint purple glow to my fur and eyes – look closely or you might miss it – that’s my magic glowing. I could take you to Cat City if you are very, very good and don’t tell a soul!

I’m curious about almost everything. I like solving puzzles and riddles. And I love travelling – I get that from my father, Delphinius. He used to rule Cat City. I miss him a lot because he would take me to places. He was the one who first took me to the human world. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have met Amy and James.

Cat City is the coolest place in the Universe. We have little catcars, which have cat paws instead of wheels. We just peddle our paws really fast and off we go. Some younger cats have catboards and travel around on those. They’re fun. You can go quite fast. Just don’t tell my mother, Moggie, that I used to whizz around on one! I fell off a few times!

The Catema shows a few films every week. The owner is the city’s only director, Mr Eastwood. At the moment ‘Furrlight’ is showing, along with ‘For a few kitties more’. I like Meow Market. You can go there for food, clothes, anything really. There are many parks to visit too. Purrfect Mouse Burgers has amazing… well, burgers. It’s very popular.

Ladycats can get their fur and claws done at Kitty Parlour. Meow Café is nice – they make the most amazing grass cakes and flavoured milk that is the best in Cat City. We only have one hotel – the Cat Motel. It’s huge. We don’t need more than one though. If you want, you can have lots of toys and a scratching post in your room. They also have room service and order ice cream in bed!

Or, you can always just go for a walk down the street – the sun is so orangey there and the pavement sparkles with little blue mosaic cat heads. There’s no place like my catizen home!


The illustrations inside the Kiwi books are by the talented Nikki McBroom


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