Would you like to see your furry friend in a future book?

If you like the idea of your pet taking a starring role, please leave a comment with their name and a description of what they look like, what they like to eat, their fave things, and why you think they are great. Leave as many details as you like or even a photo.

The competition is ongoing and I will announce which pets have been chosen as each new book is published! Good luck to your furries!


Happy reading!


9 comments on “Catnip

  1. Welcome the world of the hefty tuxedo named Potter-As-In-H-A-I-R-Y! It’s that white streak running up his nose to his forehead that helped him get his name. Potter is talented, he can turn on the kitchen faucet to get his own water. Now if he would learn to use the COLD and turn it OFF when he’s done! He is able to get his very ample lead-filled butt off the ground and onto the kitchen counter in a single bound. He purrs like an Evenrude and meows like a wimp. He has more catitude in his huge snow-white paws than most cats do in their entire bodies.

    May I highly recommend this fellow who is known as quite a character already?

  2. There are three within the household, but there always appears to only be room for one. The eldest is also the newest member of the household. Missy would tell you there is no way she is the oldest as she acts as if she is a kitten all the time. Chasing the two males, getting into trouble by exploring, and then being the cutest cuddle bug once bedtime rolls around. But, it is very easy to pick out the female of the group… she TALKS ALL THE TIME! Unless, of course, she is cleaning her beautiful black long coat
    As for the two, the second oldest is a striped short hair who believes he should have been the only one within the household. He doesn’t understand the two leggers determination to get a second cat and only puts up with so much. When Missy was brought into the family he decided to take some action, but the female two legger just tsked and went about cleaning up whatever messes he made. Skipper is her baby after all and not much can get her to be angry at him.
    The third, handsome fellow of this trio, is Panda-Ninja-Shadow (but was shortened to Panda). He received his name because of 1) his coloring, 2) appearing out of nowhere and becoming attached to your leg, and 3) following just behind you as if he was a little shadow. His tuxedo coloring is wonderfully gorgeous and he is one of the sweetest things. As long as he isn’t having bad allergies, that is. He scratches his face raw when they start to get bad, but is always willing to get loving from the male two-legger as he seems to know exactly where to scratch. If he isn’t outside chasing something, he is inside sleeping on his two-leggers blanket.

    Those are my three babies… any of them would make quite the character in a story.

    • Thanks for nominating Missy, Skipper and Panda-Ninja-Shadow. I also have a kitty who appears out of nowhere and attaches to my lap! Whenever I sit down, suddenly she’s in it… it’s like she has a tracking device on it! 🙂

  3. I take exception to that last comment. “…easy to pick out the female of the group… she TALKS ALL THE TIME! …” Reeeeeealllly! Why just this morning I had to severely warn my male Chihuahua to use his “indoor voice”. And it’s Potter (male tuxedo) who viciously and without provocation wakes me up yeowling at my door. Hrump! Talks all the time indeed. Oh, dear…am I ranting? Sorry, I’ll shut up now!

  4. As I mentioned in my PM,, I have a few suggestions. If you wanted to introduce the famous Thirty Thieves, I could give you all the thirty naes of my babies.
    Otherwise, I suggest Loki, Siamese, now almost 10, blue eyes, cream colored, he loves beign mischievous, opens any door or drawer. Or Disperato (Desperado), white and tabby, born to pester everybody and a master screamer. His name means “desperate”, because his best weapon to obtain what he wants is to scream, either to get into a room or out of it, to obtain food or to gt water. Last bt not least, Michael, Mic for his friends. Tabby, he is a master at opening any door! I can send you pics, if you need them LOL

    • Loki and Disperato are really cool names. Thanks for posting Annarita!! Ah, the Thirty Thieves will be giving me some ideas too. My cat can be a bit of a meower too – for everything from strokes to oops I’ve slipped off the sofa! 🙂

  5. There is never a dull moment in our household. Tarzan, is my boy. He is a four year old gray and black Tabby cat that certainly lives up to his name. He will fly through the air from the top of a high boy dresser and land on the bed several feet away. (usually on top of me, in the middle of the night). Leaping from one piece of furniture to another there is always some kind of commotion going on. While we are trying to sleep – it is “lets run through the house like a banshee”. At which time, he usually finds the noisiest piece of paraphernalia to play with and roll around on the wooden dining room floor.
    Tarzan has his lovable side as well. prior to his banshee runs, he will curl up on my pillow and purr in my ear, just long enough for me to go to sleep. Almost as if he does it purposely so he can hurry up and cause trouble! Every day when i come home from work, He is waiting for me on the counter by the door. He will meow a few times, start purring and climb up onto my shoulder for his hug. After about 5 minutes of walking around with live fur stole around my neck, he jumps down and embarks on his next adventure.
    Our dog Sadie (she will follow) is his surrogate mother so having been around her since he was only a few weeks old, he prefers dog food over cat food and has learned to beg quite well! His favorite foods are Cheese Puffs, pop tarts (strawberry frosted with sprinkles) and french onion dip. He loves to share a bowl of cereal with you in the morning if you are so inclined to do so.
    Sadie, our yellow lab (she actually looks like she is white with yellow dipped ears and tail), is just an all around luv muffin. she loves to give you kisses, will sit next to you and let her pet you for hours, and hours, and is the ultimate food beggar. Nothing gets by her, so don’t leave a cookie sitting around or her ninja stealth skills will come into play and the cookie will pull a disappearing act……If you tell her to go “round and round” and make a circular motion with your hand/arm, she will run fast as lightening around in a small circle (as if she were chasing her tail, but not) for a treat. I can’t imagine life without either of them – it would be quite boring!

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