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Kiwi in Cat City

Kiwi: little fluffy, black, magical cat aged about 4. She lives with Amy and James, but is more than she seems. There is a faint purple glow to her eyes and fur.

Amy: James’ sister, aged 12.

Ames: Amy as a kitten. Black and white with a fluffy white tail.

James: Amy’s brother, aged 9. He has a pet hamster, Hammy. He loves football and wants to be James Bond.

Jimster: James as a kitten. Tabby and small, with a pink nose. A bit clumsy, dribbles milk and likes chasing his tail.

Inspector Furrball: short, chubby, ginger tom with round spectacles. Wears a red waistcoat, from which hangs a gold watch on a chain.  He’s the Inspector at Cat Crime and head of the Cat Squad in Cat City. Good friends with Kiwi and Siam. He loves biscuits. Had a big crush on Madame Purrfect in the past.

Siam: Siamese computer whizz of the Cat Squad at Cat Crime. Young and intelligent, loves computers and maths. Slim cat with bent whiskers, round spectacles and crazy fur. Looks a bit like a mad scientist!

Madame Purrfect: the previous owner of Catskins Biscuits. A kind-hearted, blue Burmese with soft grey eyes. She is a real beauty in cat terms.

Georgy: chubby, white cat with a pink nose and a very small voice. Guards the entrance to Cat City.

Paws: clumsy, brown, tubby nephew of Inspector Furrball. A trainee member of the Cat Squad. Also loves biscuits. Bit stupid.

Kip: black with white paws and nose, and green eyes. A good friend of Kiwi and works at Cat Crime.

Dev: white cat with one black paw and piercing blue eyes. A crazy, bad cat. Also known as The Escapologist because he never gets caught… for long.

Ginger: bouncer tom cat, works for Mr J Catskins.

Mr J Catskins: old, grey cat with failing eyesight. Carries a stick and most of his whiskers are missing. He wears metal, wobbly spectacles and a green waistcoat. The owner of Catskins Biscuits.

Miss Kitty: tall, grey cat who wears a green dress. Inspector Furrball’s secretary.

Mr Dogg: skinny, brown, friendly, young cat, who wears black boots and a black cap. Works for Mr J Catskins.

Mr Eastwood: owns Cat City’s only cinema, The Catema, and he’s the city’s only film director.

Kiwi and the Missing Magic

Hammy: James’ brown hamster. He loves spinning on his wheel and munching sunflower seeds. A really nice guy.

Moggie: Kiwi’s mum. Black and white cat. Very intelligent, talented with magic, but a bit moody. Her nickname is Moody Moggie, but no one says this to her face.

Whiskers: White mouse with long whiskers and a pink nose. An intelligent engineer and trained in the art of Eeek Fu. His real name is unpronounceable.

The Worry Bee: the Queen Bee has lost her buzz.

King of the Land of Giant Mice: he’s the King!

Kiwi and the Living Nightmare

Mrs Hargreaves: a millionairess who owned a mansion in the woods and set up Furries animal sanctuary.

Librarian: he likes books… a lot.

Angry ghost: scary!

Red: ‘King’ of the squirrels. Friendly, brave and intelligent. Has a very impressive, bushy tail. The only red squirrel living in the Hargreaves Tree.

Nut: grey squirrel.

Misty: a grey, three-legged cat who has some special talents. Mrs Hargreaves’ favourite cat.

Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle

Coming soon…

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